Lola (misplacedmoony) wrote in halfbloodhill,

Percy/Annabeth Tumblr

I've been having trouble finding a tumblr that only posts Percy Jackson or Percy/Annabeth stuff so my friend, hmsharmony, and I decided to make one ourselves!

fuck yeah, percy/annabeth!

fuckyeahpercyannabeth is just for Percy/Annabeth, their characters separately, and the actors that play them. There can never be too much Percy Jackson in the world and between The Demigod Diaries and Mark of Athena, it's a great time for new Percy/Annabeth stuff. We welcome submissions and recommendations of all kinds as long as it's about our kids.

(cross-posted to percy_annabeth, cabinthree, and camphalfblood. mods, let me know if there's any problem with this post. thanks!)
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