snowcrystals18 (snowcrystals18) wrote in halfbloodhill,

On Loan

 Title: On Loan

Summary: And it was that moment, under the moonlight and watching the constellations above, when she sends a silent plea to her mom.

Pairings: Jason Grace/Piper Mclean, Jason Grace/Reyna, hints of Percy Jackson/Annabeth Chase

Words: 1,259

Author's Note

So… this is sort of like a Jasper one-shot but with mentions of Jeyna. Read it if you want. XD And
if you don't mind, spare a few seconds to tell me what you think. ;) I'll probably make a sequel. And
then, a free-verse poem follows it afterwards.

Enjoy and read and review! =)))

(Perfection was already next to her, and she can't believe she'd let him go but as for now-
She just wants to be with him just a little bit longer )

On Loan
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